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Making Informed Choices: Selecting Safe Period Care Products

Choosing the right period care product is a personal decision that affects our health, comfort, and the environment. Let's explore the issues with conventional period care products and the importance of asking the right questions.

Concerns with Conventional Period Care Products

Many conventional period care products often come with hidden concerns. The lack of ingredient disclosure, limited industry studies, and a historical taboo around discussing menstrual health have left women in the dark about the potential risks. Studies, such as the one highlighted by Environmental Health News, show that some synthetic plastic materials used in sanitary pads and diapers release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Phthalates, found in many products, have even been associated with potential disruptions to menstrual cycles [1].

Making Informed Choices

So as consumers, what questions should we ask when choosing a period care product? Here are some insights I'd like to share based on my journey to find a safer and more sustainable product option:

1. Materials and Ethics: When choosing a product, consider the materials used. Were they ethically sourced? Where possible, opt for brands that use GOTS-certified cotton. This certification ensures organic farming practices without chemical pesticides, benefiting your skin, the environment, and workers.

2. Full Ingredient Disclosure: Does the manufacturer provide a complete ingredient list? In Australia, it is not mandatory for manufacturers to provide full disclosure of the ingredients used for menstrual products. However, as consumers, we have the right to be aware of what we're using.

3. Manufacturing Safety: Inquire about the manufacturer's production process. From material sourcing to packaging, are steps taken to minimise exposure to harmful chemicals such as VOCs?

Conclusion: In a world of choice, our period care decisions affect both our wellbeing and the environment. By asking the right questions and seeking out brands like Ga-In, which prioritise transparency, ethics, and product safety, we can make a difference in our lives and the world around us.


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