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Welcome to Inoya,
where innovation meets sustainability.

Inoya is a proudly Australian-owned brand created by women for women. We believe in innovative, non-toxic, sustainable solutions to make your periods and our planet better.

As a woman-founded start up, we intimately understand the challenges of period care. From sourcing materials to thoughtful design, we ensure that our products don't compromise on your well-being or the planet.


Enhance wellbeing

Our belief is that period care product should be natural and accessible, and better for you and our planet.

Social Impact

With Inoya, everyone has the power to make a positive impact. All our products are handmade using ethically sourced cotton by women who experience significant barriers to employment. 


As a business, we have a strong focus on working in partnership with our consumers and community to understand their needs, and continue to innovate the way we do business with positive environmental and social impacts.

Ga-In sustainale period care
Ga-In organic cotton reusable pads

Our Story

Your Impact

Many sizes.

All flows.

We’ve got it covered.
Start your Organic Period Care journey with Inoya

Our Discovery Set is for those who want to try out our pads for the first time. This could be a great gift for those starting their first period!

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