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Many sizes.

All flows.

We’ve got it covered.

Reusable pads

Slim Design. 
Ethically Made.

Make your period journey simple, safe, and eco-friendly with our organic cotton, reusable period pads. Handmade from ethically sourced, super soft and unbleached organic cotton, our pads are comfortable and perfect for menstruation, vaginal discharge, postpartum bleeding, or as a backup when using a menstrual cup or tampon, and suitable for light bladder leakage (LBL).

Our reusable period pads are made with 100% organic cotton top & inner layers. The pads have no fragrances, dyes, bleaches or absorption agents that often cause irritation.

Ga-In reusablepads
Ga-In Reusable pads

Double Snap Buttons

Non-toxic double snap buttons to secure the pads.

Leak Proof Layer

Our leak proof layer provides an extra level of security.

Ga-In Reusable pads
Ga-In reusable pads

Absorbent and Breathable

Pure organic cotton from top to inner lining. 

Ga-In reusable pads
Ga-In reusable pads
Start your Organic Period Care journey with Inoya

Our Discovery Set is for those who want to try out our pads for the first time. This could be a great gift for those starting their first period!


Our organic cotton liner is great for everyday vaginal discharge, mild bladder leakage or can be worn with a tampon/period cup. 

Length 19cm

Mini Pads

Our mini pad is great for light flow, light bladder leakage, vaginal discharge or can be worn with a tampon/period cup.

Length 23cm

Medium Pads

Our Medium size pad is great for medium flow.

Length 28cm

Large Pads

Our large size pad is great for heavy flow, overnight use or post partum care. 

Length 34cm

Super Long Overnight

Our Super Long Overnight are great for heavy flow and designed to maximise your night-time comfort.

Length 42cm

Wet Bag

Our wet bag is a hygienic, waterproof and convenient way to store pads on the go.

The bag has two compartments to separate clean and used pads. Machine washable.

Many sizes.

All flows.

We’ve got it covered.

Light Flow Set

For light flow days. For those who haven't tried reusable pads before, this is a great option to start with! The set comes with: 

  • 3 liners

  • 3 mini

  • 3 medium

  • 1 wet bag

Heavy Flow Set

For those with heavy periods. The extra length and absorbency are designed to provide optimal protection. The set comes with: 

  • 3 medium

  • 3 large

  • 2 super long pad

  • 1 wet bag

Discovery Set 

Unsure if these are the right pads for you? Try our 'Discovery Set', backed by our satisfaction guarantee!

  • 2 liners

  • 1 mini

  • 1 medium

  • A FREE wet bag (Limited time offer)

Set of Three

Get 3 pads in one size and save!

All You Need.
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