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Cloth pads - How to wash and care
User guide for cloth pads

Many sizes.

All flows.

We’ve got it covered.

User Guide

Wash before first use. To wear, simply place a reusable pad into your under wear like you would with a disposable pad. We recommend wearing your pad with snug fitting underwear as this will hold the pad securely in place. You can also wear the pad with your period underwear.


Fold the wings underneath.


Fasten the snaps.

How to wear cloth pads & liners
How to wash your cloth pads

Rinse and soak your pad in COLD water with washing detergent for about 6 hours or overnight. Do not use bleach.


Lather the remaining stains with a soap.


Handwash your pad or put them into a washing machine without fabric softener. Run through a rinse and spin cycle.


Open the pad out into its full shape and hang in the sun to dry. Avoid machine drying as this will weaken the waterproof layer overtime.

How to carry your used cloth pads

Fold the used cloth pad as illustrated in the pictures and store in a water proof pouch or zipper bag.

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